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Programs: C$3.00

Winnipeg Goldeyes program

C$3.00 Program

includes Scorecard

During their inaugural season each series had its own updated program. The '94 Opening Series Program was itself collectible (and sold later during the season).

For the inaugural year at the new park the program is a beautiful, full color edition magazine though "thinner" than many others in the league. This style is now the norm and high quality.

Winnipeg Goldeyes Fish Lines

C$2.00 "Fish Lines"

In '96 the program became more the standard, single printing for entire season. Filling in for the old series updates is Fish Lines with all the stats you could want (except not updated daily).


Photo of Casa de Fruta stand
Try Casa de Fruta
with an excellent selection of fresh fruits or...

A Grand Food Court Concourse

Some of the specialties of the new park are the selection of fresh fruits, donuts & coffee, mini-donuts too, perogies (standard and mini sized), tortilla wrapped sausages. Also available are the more traditional hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and even chicken dinners. Each are sold from a single food stand, but lines move quickly and are strangely missing during the game. The 2003 expansion the selections only multiplied adding food from Sri Lanka, oriental noodles, Arby's Roast Beef, and more even more.

Gone at the "pond" are "beaver tail" that is something like a Mexican sopapilla or a French Beignet (flat dough fried and covered with a topping of your choice).

One that returned is the "smokie." They don't come straight off the grill (as the did at Deformity Field) but they are the best "big hot dog" in the league.

Healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables are available. Casa de Fruta has a great selection of mixed fruits and vegetables, as well as containers only filled with juicy strawberries, blueberries, grapes (white or red), and more.

Photo of Robin's Donuts stand
...Robins for fresh doughnuts and coffee

Sunflower seeds here were named Tastee ("If they're not in a silver pouch, they're not tasty/tastee!") but recently changed to the also aptly named Spitz.. I became addicted to the salt & vinegar chips, but you can try the "Ketchup flavored" for something really different. These are sold in one of the several additional vendor stands added along the concourse.

One unique aspect to drinks at this park is that both soft drinks and beer are sold in the original plastic bottles and cans. Draft beer and soda is available, but you'd be wise to bring along a can cooler (koozie) to keep your drink cold. They work well with the special "oversized" cup holders that can hold them (koozie and all).

Unlike other ballparks, there is little duplication of food items (understandable since there are so many). So you may have to walk around the concourse to get a "particular delicacy." The program has a map that may come in handy.

Hu's on First

At skybox level, is the "Asian bistro" Hu's on First. This a great place to eat any time, especially before a evening ballgame.


Before the game:

Best guess would be to head to The Forks and use public restrooms there. Other downtown locations (other side of the tracks) might also be available such as the Fairmont Hotel.

During the game

Two sets of permanent restrooms are on the main concourse. They are large enough handle the crowds well. Women's room have many additional stalls so there is rarely the long wait known at some parks. For those with special needs there are two handicapped and even a family washroom for parents with young kids.