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Photo of Goldeye parking sign
Goldeyes Parking is normally
plentiful though the price
has gone up since this photo

C$4.00, or Free, Ample near The Forks

Parking costs went up slightly again to C$4.00 . This is still less than parking was at "Deformity Field" (C$5). You can park all around the park. But do so with the knowledge that anything near the park is likely foul ball territory.

Depending on game time, park free on the downtown streets (such as Portage Ave. East or Main). After 6:00PM weekdays and during weekends parking around the Forks is free, if you don't mind a little longer walk to the park. Some of these are closer than the pay lots.

Overall, there is ample parking all around the stadium, "the other side of the tracks," and downtown if you must. Staying at the Fairmont Hotel I walked the two blocks without having to even move the car. Other downtown hotels are close enough for a short walk.

Because Pioneer and Water Ave. are normally busy streets there are crossing guards that step out with signs to stop traffic on both streets. From the south parking lot (near the Forks) there is a little "maze" getting around the fences to the ballpark but the stadium is easy to spot.

Photo of old entrance area
Crossing guard stopping traffic on "old" Pioneer Blvd. in front of train bridge
Pre-game entertainment and Owner Sam Katz on the "Got milk?" sign (2001)


Photo of old parking area
Parking area west of the park and other "side of the tracks" (1999)
Photo of parking area painted
Murals painted in same area (2001)


There wasn't any at the old field, there isn't here. I saw a family eating some snacks in their car in a lot, but this isn't a "tailgating town." It's simply not allowed, though Goldeyes fans might love to do it.

Having a meal downtown (Forks or Market District) and walking might be a viable option. There are several restaurants within 5-8 blocks downtown such as Earls and restaurants at the Forks or the Fairmont Hotel.