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Fine Dining at Skybox Level

Hu's on First logo
Photo of entrance to Hu's on First
"Hu's" entrance is at the stadium's east end (first base concourse)

Reservations: Call 98-ASIAN

Recommended, especially on game days, but not required.


Mon to Thurs:
11:00am - 11:00pm
11:00am - Midnight
4:30pm - Midnight
4:30pm - 10:00pm
Sun (Game day):
11:30am - 10:00pm

Excellent Food, reasonably priced

Hu's on First is the first Northern League "Ballpark Bistro" added in 2003 as one of the crowning aspects of stadium expansion. The restaurant is open to the public year round and has an excellent selection of asian foods likely to make nearly everyone happy. The cuisine includes Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian foods. Prices are quite reasonable for the quality of food and dining experience.


Once inside, it's a bit of a surprise since it's a stylish restaurant and not a sports bar. Other than the name, and the balcony seating of the stadium, it's easy to forget you're at the ballpark. Features such as bamboo wall, "wok waterfall" and a "bridge" to cross from bar area to the dining area creating a unique atmosphere. This is a place to savor an excellent meal, not get a quick bite and head to your seat.

Specialties include:

Getting to "First" on Game Days

Photo of restaurant
View as you enter Hu's
Photo of wok waterfall
'Wok Waterfall & Bridge"

Use Your Ticket AFTER Dinner!

One critical thing to understand is that, though it's at skybox level and part of the stadium, Hu's on First has no entrance at either skybox or concourse level to the restaurant. If you're eating here, go to Hu's First, then go to the game.

Finding the Entrance

The restaurant entrance is off Pioneer Blvd. and the end of the first base section (east end) of the stadium at Waterfront Drive & Pioneer Ave. Parking is available, by the hour, so you may want to park in one of the standard lots (for a fixed price) and walk to the stadium. Another reason not to park in the Hu's lot on game days is that it is rather close to the stadium and your car could catch a home run ball.

Enter the building and take the first glass elevator at a Northern League ballpark from ground level to the 3rd Floor (Skybox level). A simple left and you're at the entrance.

Photo of restaurant view of field
Patio overlook the field

Game Day Considerations

Reservations are recommended, especially on game days. Allow no less than 90 minutes for your meal, 2 hours meal. For night games, 5:00 is a good time to book.

Do not expect to get a "free game" from Hu's. The patio area closes well before game starts unless you have made special reservations. The window seats inside the restaurant are not high enough to see over the patio diners and crowd.