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Join Us After the Game for "the 10th"

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Midway Tailgater Wants You!

If you're going to a Saints game at Midway Stadium, why not stop by after the game to join us at the 10th Inning Stretch. "The Tenth" is open to everyone, especially those coming from around the league or simply out of town. You don't have to bring food or beer (though you can certainly do that too) to hang out, relax and talk baseball (or hockey) with us.

Photo of 10th Inning Stretch gang
"Midway Tailgater" and some of the regulars at the 10th (including yours truly 2006)

"Midway Tailgater," as he posts in this site's forums, is your host and proprietor. "Kev," as he is also known, is a long time baseball fan and a serious Saints fan. He attends baseball games around the Northern, Northwoods, and other leagues. He also makes regular "expeditions" around the country to check out major and minor league ballparks. And, if talking baseball isn't enough, you can always talk Minnesota Gopher hockey (his first passion).

10th Inning Stretch Schedule

Photo of Kev under umbrella
Kev starting his grill before a rain threatened game

Check the forums to find out -or ask him- what the schedule is.

As much as he might like to, Kevin is not able to go to every Saints game. He's a dedicated Saints fan, but doesn't live in the Twin Cities. When he can, he makes the 1-2 hour drive up from Faribault MN. As a result you won't always find him at a Saints game. Also, depending on his work schedule, he may not be able to stay late.

Checking the forums on this site is the best way to find out the schedule. Look for postings by Midway Tailgater in the travel and team topics.

You may be able to find Kevin before a game. You're welcome then as well, but he may be a little busy preparing dinner. That's an excellent time to find out any last minute changes to the schedule. If you don't see him, keep an eye out for those of us who may be wearing a 10th Inning Stretch T-shirt.

Photo of Midway Tailgater tailgating
"Midway Tailgater" waiting before the game

10th Inning Location

The location of the 10th is held in the main Midway Stadium parking lot. It is usually the third parking row away from the stadium entrance. This is subject to parking availability which is highly variable given Saints crowds and turnout. One clue is the presence of the 10th Inning Stretch sign in the trunk of Kevin's car (as seen above).

10th Inning On the Road

The 10th Inning Stretch also follows Kevin on the road. He can be found at other ballparks in Minnesota such as Wade Stadium in Duluth, Mayo Park in Rochester and at a Mankato Moondogs games to name a few. Again, check the forums for postings about times & places.

Photo of 10th Inning Stretch
Pre-game tailgating (before the 10th Inning Stretch)