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Reserved Seating

Photo of main grandstand
Main Grandstand

Grandstand sections A-K

If you are fortunate to have a reserved seat, then you get to sit in the main grandstand with the aluminum seat backs. Your ticket reserves you a section (approx. 1.5 feet) of bench (marked on the seat back). If you are truly fortunate, your neighbors will not show up and you can "spread out." For the average visitor to the park, the best thing is that your seat is reserved and will be there if you get stuck parking a mile away. The leg room is lacking except for certain rows (such as those at the front, concourse, or on the aisle).

Other than those behind one of the foul ball netting poles, there are no truly bad reserved seats. The only variations here are how many steps to climb and the angle to the field. Unlike at the Metrodome or other big league park, you're never far from the action. '98 adding non-smoking sections.

Reserved Bleacher

Field Level, First Bleacher Sections

Added in '96 (and controversial to many bleacher bums) are the Bleacher Reserved sections. These are 2nd class season ticket holder sections. Holding these tickets guarantees entry and (bleacher) seating closer to the field than the regular GA. The creation of the "Twig's Place" beer garden (2003) moved this section further out to the outfield.

They have also the most confusing tickets. Look for the letters RFBR (Right Field Bleacher Reserve) or LFBR (Left Field Bleacher Reserve). This is NOT in the grandstand, but on ground level on the side of the field indicated. The webmaster has had to explain this to many a puzzled visitor since there are no signs pointing out the RFBR or LFBR to explain it.

Of the few bad seats in the park some are in this section towards the top of the bleachers and nearest home plate (which is totally obscured). First timers often wonder why no one is sitting there, go up, sit down, then figure it out.

General Admission

Photo of Snoopy stadium and flag poles
"Saint Snoopy" greeting fans (2000 Season)

Field Level; Bleachers beyond Bleacher Reserved

Use the Saints new online ordering system to check availability and order GA tickets online. Since the Saints have sold out every for several years, this can save considerable time and effort to find out if a future game still has tickets available. A maximum of 8 GA tickets can be placed for a single game.

The remaining ground level bleacher sections (past the Reserved Bleachers) are General Admission. These are at the ends of the first and third base lines. You can choose either side, though the third base side is the "home team" side and fills first. To get there you must go down the grandstand stairs to the freestanding aluminum bleachers.

GA seating truly means "first come, first served" at Midway stadium. Die hard Saints fans (many of whom are my friends) arrive an hour before the gates open to get the front of the line for their regular seats. If you want the best GA seats, you'll have to arrive early too. If you arrive late, you'll spend 10-15 minutes trying to find the holes in the bleachers while everything goes on behind you.

The Family Section (no drinking) is found on the first base side beyond the outfield fence. It isn't far from the playground and a safe place to take the kids.

Opposite it (on the third base side) are the bleachers for the Hard Ball Cafe and Midway Grill. These are not open to GA ticket holders until later in the game

Again, if you are sitting with an aluminum seat back behind you and concrete under your feet, you will be asked to move because there are no GA seats in the grandstand if the ticket holder arrives.

Since Saints games are amongst some of the hottest tickets in the Twin Cities, there is ticket information than for the other teams (including scalping). The good news is that ticket prices remain low and now the Saints have some of the lowest prices in the league!