St. Paul


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Photo of playing field
The Midway (Opening Day '99)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
320 370 400 370 320
Photo of right field and stands
View of the sun (right) field and shadows

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Saints are on the third base side, opponents on first base
  • Dugouts here aren't. They are at ground level with chain link fence
    (originally built to protect the many school teams which were the intended users of this field)
  • Bullpens are in foul territory on the teams respective sides

Fences & Field

  • Fences are approx. 10' high around outfield
  • Scoreboard and advertising rising behind left field fences, batter's eye in center, and second tier of advertising signs in right field are out of play (for non-devotees: home runs if they are hit)
  • Bullpens are in foul territory and in the field of play
  • Foul territory is immense with fences about 40 feet away from, and running parallel to, the first and third base lines.
  • Errant pick off throws from the mound often "roll forever" in foul ground

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of left field fence
Left field fence includes fans watching from:
Fishing Hut, SS Porkchop (paddleboat) and the "Hot Tub"

Midway Stadium is somewhere in the middle when it comes to stadiums in the league. It has some of the best lighting in the league (better than some of the majors according to some players) for night games. The field itself is well kept, and fairly lush, and of consistent grade. It won an award in 2000 for being the best multi-use (baseball, football and soccer) for groundskeeper Connie Rudolph.

Field orientation has the pitcher pitching from facing southwest making right fielders face into a blinding sunset on cloud-free evenings.

Rainouts are less common since this park is "famous" for draining well. It's built on landfill and has a very effective drainage system. The addition of a tarp in 2006 has made it "playable" even during short, heavy downpours.