St. Joseph


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Seating Chart

Seating map
Prices (2007)
$8.00 Founders' Club
Rows 1 & 2, Section A-E, I-M
$8.00 Box Seats
Rows 3-6, Sections A-M
$6.00 Covered Grandstand
Main Grandstand Sections (under roof)
$5.00 Outer Grandstand
Outermost Grandstand Bleachers First & Third Base Side

Which seats are for you?

Photo of grandstand seating
Main Grandstand with Reserved Seating, Covered and Outer Bleachers
Recommended seating for visitors
  • Founders' Club
    (Sections A-E)
  • Box Seats
    (Sections A-E, F-H)
  • Covered Bleachers
    (First Base Side)
  • Outer Bleachers
    (First Base Side)

With the visitor's dugout on the first base side visiting fans should steer towards reserved sections A-E by their dugout. Also nice are the seats directly behind home plate (sections F-H). The bleachers, covered or outer, on the first base side are slightly cheaper options that are quite acceptable --unless you need back support.

Seating is generally quite open and airy. The choice of "best" seat probably has the most to do with the time of the game and the weather. On a hot evening the best locations are the reserved seats (Founders' Club

Founders' Club Reserved Seating

Photo of Reserved Seating
Third Base Reserved Seating
Note Founders' Club seating with season ticket holder names on the back

Rows 1 & 2
Sections A-E, I-M

The best seats are the Founders' Club (season ticket holder) seats which are the first two rows on either side of home plate. There are no Founders' Club seating behind home plate with the space partially walled from the box seats behind. You may want to avoid the seats immediately by the dugouts since, because they're not really "dug out deep," can obstruct your view along the line and into the corner.

These are comfortable, flip-down seats with arms as found in most any stadium. They are old enough that there are no cup holders. They're all open to the skies above, making easier to cool off on a muggy Missouri evening. If you're concerned about pop fouls avoid the outer sections (A,B, L and M) that are not under the protective netting.

Box Seats

Rows 3-6
Sections A-M

Box Seats are simply the remaining four rows of seats and are the same quality seats as the first two. The same suggestions about netting protection applies.

The "first two row" are missing behind home plate (sections F-H). Part of the space, in front of the small wall, is used for the announcer's table and possible handicapped seating. Keep this in mind since it does mean a fair amount of added traffic in front of you when sitting there.

Covered Bleachers

Photo of batters eye
Outfield berms on either side of the "wooded" batter's eye

Main grandstand bleacher (under the roof)

For hot days or during wet weather the covered bleachers are a logical choice. Less expensive than reserved seating they are still quite close to the action. These are the most common seats and so easiest to find.

Uncovered Bleachers

Grandstand bleachers and "just beyond roof line"

As the photo shows, the bleachers are "uncovered" making them the lowest priced at the ballpark. Sun worshippers or those wanting a maximal breeze may choose to save an extra dollar a seat here.

Day of Game Purchase

Photo of Reserved Seating
Crowd view from home plate looking down first base side

The arrival of the American Associatino and independent baseball started somewhat slowly in St. Joe. Attendance during the inaugural year was low and seating was plentiful meaning lots of seats for walk-ups.

That may change over time but the Phil has a great deal of space for overflow crowds. There's a large natural berm on the third base side that's part of the gentle valley slope and extended to the left field fence. On the first base side there's ample picnic spaces that allow even more SRO spaces if that would fill.

Entrance / Box Office Locations

Photo of ticket booth
Ticket office (at main entrance)

The game time ticket booth is just off the main parking lot on the west side of the ballpark. It is a simple open air booth by the chain link fences. It also doubles as a will call stop.

Do not confuse this with the club offices which are a pre-built building on the other side (west side) of the stadium next to a large vacant lot. That is where you can pick up advance tickets during regular business hours. The stadium not directly related to the athletic buildings west of the main entrance.