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Free and ample for even overflow crowds

Photo of main parking lot
Main parking lot with stadium and entrance on the right

There are essentially three parking lots for Phil Welch Stadium. The most convenient, and most likely to fill for any game, is the one immediately adjacent to the main entrance. It's not large and may be used for activities at the other sports buildings next to the Phil that are part of the Bode Sports Complex which includes the George Bode Jr. Ice Arena (which visiting players used as their clubhouse in the inaugural season)..

Across Southwest Parkway is another much large paved lot that extends well down the parkway --and away from the ballpark. This, for most games, is unlikely to fill and is about as convenient as anywhere else.

Photo of parking east of stadium
"Vacant Lot" parking area east of stadium behind main office (building behind car on the right)

If there were to be a maximum capacity game when that lot filled the vacant lot to the east of the ballpark (next to the main office building and player parking) is a likely overflow lot. This area, though located immediately next to the stadium is not convenient for going to a game. It's about as far a walk around the outside of outfield wall as the spots across the street from the ballpark. Since it's not paved, it's at risk for mud in wet weather and possibly long home run shots. It's possible that the "east entrance" might be opened if the Blacksnakes are prepared for huge attendance.

Traffic Alert

If the map (on this site) or directions didn't make it clear, there is really only one road/approach to the Phil: Soutwest Parkway. This can lead to minor traffic congestion when leaving a game since everyone will be trying to drive away on it. With no traffic lights and with most people probably heading on the same roads to get up to US 36 you may want to allow a little extra time when leaving when there are fireworks or other events encouraging most people to stay until the very end of the game.


Photo of across parking lot
View from far end of parking lot across Southwest Parkway

Allowed but, maybe picnicing would be better

During my first visit during the 'Snakes inaugural season I didn't see any tailgating. I don't know that it would be disallowed but I might suggest, if you arrive early, you might consider picnicing if you can find a table or simply spread out a blanket under the trees somewhere to enjoy some shade if you're going to eat outside the ballpark before the game.