Sioux Falls


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Photo of playing field
Sioux Falls Stadium 2000

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
312 380 410 359 310
Photo of left field wall
Left Field (2000)

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Canaries "nest" on the first base side, opponents on third base
  • Bullpens were once the OPPOSITE sides of the field (visitors first base line, Canaries on third)
  • Bullpens are in foul territory and in play
  • Dugouts are the first 3-4 rows of lower reserved seating

Fences & Field

  • Fences are approx. 20' high around outfield. They are irregular with several odd angles to make fielding a "little more exciting." Coupled with the odd angles on the baselines, the shape of the playing field is full of odd angles and corners.
  • Advertising and facing signs is in the field of play

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of right field wall
Right field view with uneven fence line

This used a normal field with not much surprising to describe. The changes for the 2000 season have radically changed the ballpark to the point it's almost totally new. Field orientation still has the pitcher pitching northwest and puts the sun in the hitter's eyes during the day, left fielder's at dusk. Right field is remains a major sun field. Local weather tends to be blustery with a south wind coming in from right field favoring righties despite the higher fences to clear.