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Photo of playing field
Lewis & Clark Park (Opening Day 2006)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
335 400 335
Photo down third base line
View down the third base line (2006)
(Note encroachment by the patio)
Photo down first base line
View from center field

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • X's are on the third base side
  • Visitors are on first base
  • Bullpens are out of play beyond foul territory on each teams sides

Fences & Field

  • Fences are approx. 10' high around outfield
  • Advertising and facing signs are in the field of play
  • Outfield lines have encroachment near outfield fence
  • Left field foul ground greatly reduced more by patio
  • Right field, near foul pole, has area that is out of play

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo down first base line
Strong winds blowing from left
Photo down first base line
View down the first base line

Field orientation has the pitcher pitching from facing southwest making right field the sun field on (the typical) clear evenings. Though the dimensions of the ballpark are not unusually large, home runs tend to be somewhat rarer at Lewis & Clark. One reason is the strong northerly winds that frequenly blow in from left field.

Photo down first base line
Out of play area at end of third base line (beyond visitor's bullpen)
Note the two white lines. The left one is the foul line (lined up with pole).
The right line is marks the edge of play with tarp and vehicle entrance.

"No Man's Land"

One significant part of the ground rules of the ballpark deal with the "no man's land" near the right field foul pole. There is a large section to the right of the pole, beyond the visitor's bullpen area, that serves as storage for the tarp and and vehicle entrance for various promotions. The end of the field of play is marked by a second white line that matches up to the warning track along the outfield fence and foul teritory right of the first base line.