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Free and plentiful

Photo of parking lot
Let's just say that unless there's some other MAJOR event, parking will never be a problem for you with a lot like this.

There's really not much you need to say about parking at Fair Grounds Field except "don't worry." Parking is free and the lot is designed to handle crowds for the Independence Bowl and Lousiana State Fair. Since neither event happens during the summer, only a major concert or other special event will use up the thousands of parking spaces in the huge "sea of concrete" west of the ballpark.


Photo parking lot ground level
Independence Stadium and the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum across lot at ground level.


Though it's allowed, and encouraged (according to the team's FAQ) I saw no sign of tailgating on my when visiting Shreveport in 2007. Even though the lot is used for a major football venue, it's on the other end of the lot and summer is not the right time of year for most tailgater.