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Mascot: Elvis(?) (2007-)

photo of Bird
Elvis entertaining kids in Sports Club

During my 2007 visit I saw this mascot: Elvis "the Hound Dog." Unlike most baseball mascots, this Hound Dog dresses in a full satium outfit not unlike "The King" himself. Other being stylish, he does do the usual stuff meeting kids, leading cheers and entertaining Sports fans.

Mascot: Pistol #00 (2006)

photo of Bird
Pistol the Pelican (2006 Card)

I can't tell you much Pistol since I've never met him. He had his own card in the 2006 Shreverport sports card set but, other than living Shreveport, it had no details about him. Maybe I'll get to see him on a future visit to Fair Grounds Field.

Fair Grounds Field

Ballpark name
Stadium Front
Seats in Sports Club
Front seats
Knothole Clubs
Knothole Clubs

Easy to underestimate

photo of Bird
Sports Club Section and main grandstand

Fair Grounds Field may be a ballpark that, since it's over 20 years old, is easy to dismiss. Its design, heavy on concrete and steel can be off putting if you focus on it. But that misses the some of the unique character that's more than simply "boxes."

There are quite a lot of interesting angles and open spaces. Much of this is easier to appreciate when you see the ballpark at a distance. Even close up you might miss all the green in the trees and grass which balance out the man made surfaces.

photo of Bird
More steel and angles in the scoreboard

Rectangular elements are extended into the field itself which has not one but three "blue monsters." These are replicated in the kid play area which has a complete miniature baseball diamond and its own "little blue monster." It also shows in the big scoreboard which isn't rectangular, but continues in the big strong motif.

Today many of these options, including the air conditioned Sports Club, are considered outdated. But given the typical weather, it may be better to have a large section of comfortable seating open to many --behind home plate-- than a collection of skyboxes only available to a few. The large roofs are also good for shade and even some protection from rain.

photo of Kiddie Field
Kid's Mini Baseball Diamond and sandbox


Photo of Kasey and Conductor
Little leaguers get autographs before a game from the home town team

Friendly and Supportive

The crowds at my first games at Fair Grounds Field were admittedly small, but the fans were interested and supportive. And there were plenty of little leaguers and families there to watch the game. It also helped that they were welcoming to the visiting fan from St. Paul.