Kansas City


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Programs: $2.00 Program

T-Bones program

The official program is very attractive and well designed in full color.The $2 price is similar to several other parks and includes the scoresheet with daily stats and is updated monthly during the inaugural season.

Media Guide

T-Bones media guide

Like many of the new teams, Kansas City has a media guide. I didn't see this for sale in the souvenir stand, but is probably available.

Food: BBQ and Footlongs

Photo of Monarch Grill
The Monarch Grill on the first base concourse

CommunityAmerica Ballpark has some of the best food in the Northern League for its inaugural season. Even the "usual ballpark food" is above average.

Each of the several food stands has a slightly different selection so be sure to walk around to make sure you're not missing out on your (new) favorites. Most take their names from the beef industry (like the "Big John's Grill") or local history (such as the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues).Parents may want to take kids to the "Sizzle Griddle" near the playground area where the selections are tailored for them.

Photo of Footlong
Footlong Knife & Fork Chili Dog
and Corn Dog


No ballpark in the Kansas City area would be complete without barbeque. There are several options including BBQ pulled pork sandwiches or nachos. Also available are T-Bone-less steak sandwiches. These are available from the Monarch Grill (first base side). The only thing missing is BBQ sauce for the fries.

Besides BBQ you can get footlong corn dogs or a foot long, "knife and fork" chili dog. Other options include brats, fries, and many other tasty options.

As for beer, try the local Boulevard Brewery, Pale Ale or Wheat.


Before the game:


Until the area is more developed, be aware of that it's a long way to the nearest rest room away from the ballpark.

During the game

Photo of Family Restroom sign
Family Restroom Sign
Photo of restroom signs
W[omen's] & M[en's] Rooms

There are ample restroom facilities at the ballpark. Just look for a big "W'" or "M" (Women's and Men's) rooms.

As with most new stadiums, they even have family restrooms for parents and children. I particularly like the signs for them (see left).