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Free but with some minor restrictions

Photo of main parking lot
View of ballpark from the west showing only a portion of the ample parking available

CommunityAmerica Ballpark has a great deal of free parking. The parking lots are to west and north of the facility. There are some restrictions on parking since season and skybox ticket holders get access to parking closer to the north entrance.

This is fine since most fans will want to enter through the main gate. In fact, if you arrive early you can park in the front row parking immediately in front of the main entrance since the handicapped parking runs along the west side of the stadium.

Photo of parking sign
Parking sign and traffic
heading north on 110th Ave.
(July 2003)

Parking Entrances are on the WEST SIDE of the Ballpark

The primary entrance to the parking lots are off 110th Ave. In 2003, these are very easy to spot since there was a corn field to the west of the street and nothing but vacant lots around them. This will change so you may not see the ballpark unless you're near the 110th and State Ave. intersection.

Also potentially confusing is that staff and player parking is on the east side of the ballpark with no access to the main lots. This may look convenient, but not only is it not allowed, it's very inconvenient since it is a long walk to the entrances which are on the other side of the ball park. Again, as development fills in the many vacant lots --hopefully with the much needed motels and restaurants-- it will "less inviting" to NOT take 110th Ave.

Simple rule of thumb --

If you can see the seats of the grandstand
You're on the wrong side of the stadium.

Photo of ballpark from outfield
If you see this view, you're not near the parking entrances.


Allowed but "rare"

Photo of tailgaters
T-Bones fans tailgating before a game (July 2003)

Tailgating seems to be allowed in the parking lots but it was not a major activity during the inaugural season.

Those arriving early will likely want to park along the outer edge of the lot where there are grassy areas and trees. It'll be a few years before the trees grow to provide much shade, so bringing a canopy is a good idea to beat the hot and often muggy weather.