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Photo of field of play
CommunityAmerica Park (July 2003)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
300 370 400 390 330
Photo looking down first base line
View down the first base line

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • T-Bones are on the first base side,opponents on third base
  • Dugouts are recessed concrete "bunkers" mostly below ground level and well back from the field
  • Both bullpens are out of play in left center field on elevated terraces
  • Visitors bullpen is in "left" left center, T-Bones is in left center
Photo of bullpen
Home Bullpen in left center
Photo of third base line
Third base line from "Little Green Monster"

Fences & Field

  • Wall heights varies greatly
    • 20' for the "little green monster"
    • 10' for fences around bullpen
    • Less than 5' high in right with higher sections for advertising
  • Entrance to bullpens in left center provides "tricky corner" and constrains throws to infield
  • Foul territory narrows significantly along the line in the outfield on each side
  • Significant foul ground around dugouts without bullpen mounds

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of 'Little Green Monster'
"Little Green Monster" in Left Field (from visitor's bullpen)

CommunityAmerica Ballpark is deceptively complex. Though it is mainly made up of "straight walls" and simple angles, there are many interesting nuances that can (and already have) affected play.

Little Green Monster

Though "The Steel Yard" in Gary has high walls, this ballpark has the first "green monster" since it's only in left field. Tall, padded and deeply shaded in the early evening (as seen in the photos on this page) it makes a tempting target for right handed batters.

Photo of bullpen entrance
Bullpen entrance in left center field

Bullpen Entrance

Also in left center are the bullpens and more importantly, the bullpen entrance. This feature of the ballpark has already made for a tempting target of it's own by providing odd angles for balls to bounce against and a somewhat constrained if fielders have to go all the way to the gate.

Photo of right field wall
Low outfield fences in right field up to batter's eye

Right & Right Center Fences

In contrast to the "Little Monster" are the very low outfield fences in right and right center field (all the way to the batter's eye). These are only around 3-'4' high, and unlike Haymarket Park (where they have similar rotating advertising) there are no fencing to "level" them and raise the height required for home runs. They only rise to around 5-6' with the signage unlike the fencing around center field (see below).

The net result is great views for fans near wall, but easy ground rule doubles for bouncing fly balls. Expect tough officiating when fielders climb, leap over or simply stand on these sections.

Photo of translucent batter's eye
"Translucent" batter's eye during daylight hours

Transparent Batter's Eye

One item that has been criticized and likely to be corrected in the near future is the "transparent" batter's eye. Since T-Bones games are always played in the evening, this won't have much effect for most of the ballgames played. During the daylight hours it does not server it's purpose well, especially with the white tents of the picnic party area in the outfield (see photo).

It's more than likely that in the coming seasons this will be replaced with something opaque as the area is more commercially developed. What will likely drive the change will be signs and lighting from new stores and building that will be visible through the evening hours.

So, for all these reasons, CommunityAmerica is a deceptively simple field with many little tricks that the experienced (home) batters and fielders will put to use as needed.