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Mascot: Sizzle the Bull (2003-), "Quarter Pounder" (2004) & Spirit Girls (2003-)


Photo of Sizzle the Bull
Sizzle the Bull (2003)

Though you might wonder why a steer would lead a team whose name seems more oriented toward his demise, Sizzle the Bull is the mascot of the Kansas City T-Bones. Clearly a "walking" steak or "T-Bone" might make even less sense.

During the inaugural season he makes a grand entrance into the stadium during the first inning then greets everyone around the ballpark.

Here are more details (according to the 2003 program):

At Flies
Away from no one
Taller than the average bull
More than flank steak

"Quarter Pounder"

Quater Pounder
Quarter Pounder (Main entrance, 2004)

New in 2004 was a REAL bull. Well maybe a real, miniature bull named "Quarter Pounder." Though he seems like just a calf he's actually fully grown and roughly 1/4 the size of the usual bull.

He can be found outside the main (front) gate before games.

The Spirit Girls (2003-)

Photo of fans entering
Spirit Girls greeting fans
(Main entrance, 2003)

Following the the Goldeyes' lead with the Solid Goldeyes Dancers a few years earlier (in 2000), the T-Bones have a group of cheerleaders named the "Spirit Girls." These eleven ladies greet fans at the entrances before the game, perform between innings and sign their poster for free several times a season.

CommunityAmerica Park

"Fun Well Done"

Photo of baseballs and bat

CommunityAmerica Ballpark is where they say they have "Fun Well Done." Certainly they're off to a great start. A very nice ballpark with excellent food show signs of an excellent beginning in the Northern League.

Photo of batting cages
Batting cages in right field concourse

It has some new twists to the design found in it contemporaries of similar designs (Haymarket Park and USS Steel Yard). One innovation is the placing of the clubhouses and batting cages in building in the outfield where fans can watch (assuming they arrive early enough and their are players tuning up). Having the clubhouses in the outfield also may allow fans to see the players "close up" after the end of a game (for better or worse).

Photo of kids wearing horned cowboy hats
Young T-Bones fans

Though the "meat motif" is a little strong, it's certainly a lot of fun and they've only just begun. There seems to be a strong effort to create traditions here in Kansas City. One difference is having the Northern League's first, full time, female announcer. Others seem to be the efforts made to get fans in the game with new variations on the "K-man" or other experiments. It seems likely that, over time, the T-Bones will make a real home out of their new ballpark for the folks in Kansas and Kansas City.


Extremely Friendly and Hospitable!

Photo of fans in sunlight
T-Bones crowd battling the sun on a hot July night (2003)

My first impressions of Kansas City fans was made long before I ever set foot in the stadium. These are some of the most friendly people in the Northern League.

For example, during my first night at the ballpark I was told to stop using my noisemakers (but only for that night). One of the fans behind me bought me a beer. Later we had fun while I took part in the "beer run" promotion and poured a pitcher of beer for all the folks in the section.

Even away from the ballpark visitors to the Kansas City area will find themselves more than welcome in restaurants and other sites.