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NITCD Commuter Rail

Photo of Garey Metro Center Station
Gary Metro Center Station
South Shore Line

NICTD (Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District) commuter rail, connects many cities of northern Indiana to downtown Chicago including Gary. Though not as convenient as the METRA connections to Joliet and Schaumburg. The nearest station, Gary Metro Center Station is a 4 city block walk down East 4th Ave. past City Hall and County Courthouse.

Photo of Gary Metro Center Station parking lot
Gary Metro Center Station parking lot and connection to train station stop

Metro Center is a commuter stop for both trains and buses and connects to the Genesis (Convention) Center and includes a large parking ramp. For many games there is a shuttle that may run to the parking ramp and could be used to get to/from the ballpark and station.


Photo of 4th Ave. looking toward ballpark
4th Ave. walk to stadium from station

Schedule Considerations

For those staying in downtown Chicago, or traveling from nearby cities, the train schedules should be considered. Trains leave the station about every other hour, slightly more frequently for morning and evening commutes during the week. With the last train heading toward the loop leaving around 9 (weekday) or 10PM (Sat.-Sun.) it may not be possible to catch a complete evening game.

Fares (2004)

A one-way ticket from Randolph to Gary Metro Center is $5.30, Weekend Excursion Far is $4.50 (one way).