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Railcats program


The RailCats had an excellent, full color program for their inaugural home season. It is likely to become even better in the future.

Media Guide

RailCats media guide


Media guides are available in the souvenir shop for $5.00. For the first home season they were very simple, but complete including the 2002 stats and figures even though there were no "home" games to record.


Photo of gift shop
Just one part of the enormous souvenir shop at the Steel Yard.

Standard Fare

There are three main concessions stands, one on each side of the field and one smaller one behind home plate. When attendance is light, only the two larger ones are open.

Food selection in 2003 was somewhat limited to hot dogs, pizza, and other usual fare. Another reason to consider eating at Bennigan's or to consider getting their "Take Out" to take to your seat.

Patio Area

Taking an idea first seen in Sioux City, the Steel Yard was the first ballpark in the league to have a "patio area" made solely of terraced sections of picnic tables that reach all the way to field level (Kansas City being the other). These tables are open to everyone and are a good place for families to sit, eat, and watch a ballgame together. The section is on the third base side extending nearly to the outfield wall.


Before the game:

Before the game Bennigan's rest rooms are probably the best bet. There aren't too many other places nearby open to the public.

During the game

There are three sets of washrooms throughout the facility. Two of them are on the third base side the other near section 117 on the first base side.