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Silver Cross Field

United States Steel Yard, East Side of Downtown near Tollway

Map Directions with Google Maps

Parking lots shown in blue

Photo of downtown Gary
Downtown Gary near Ballpark Looking West on 5th St.

From Chicago Loop (Northwest)

  1. Take I-90 South from the Loop
  2. Follow I-90 East through Chicago Skyway Bridge ($2.00 toll)
  3. Continue on I-90 into Indiana on East/West Tollway ($0.50 toll)
  4. Take Downtown Gary (Broadway St.) Exit
  5. Turn Right on Broadway
  6. South on Broadway 2 Blocks to 5th Ave (US 20 West)
  7. Turn Left on 5th (US 20 East; One Way heading East)
  8. Three blocks to Ballpark on Left

From South (Merrilville, Valporaiso)

  1. North on I-65 to US Highway 20 West
  2. West 1 Mile into Gary
  3. Ballpark on Left

From West (Joliet) on I-80 (Preferred "Back Way")

  1. Take I-80 East to I-65 North
  2. North on I-65 to US Highway 20 West
  3. West 1 Mile into Gary
  4. Ballpark on Left

From West (Joliet) on I-80 Alternate

  1. Take I-80 East ($0.30 toll) to Broadway Exit North (10B)
  2. North 1 mile on Broadway to 5th Ave.
  3. Right on 5th (US 20 East; One Way heading East)
  4. Three blocks to Ballpark on Left

Where is it on the map?

Photo of stadium entrance
Main Entrance (August 2002 just days after opening to the public)

Some maps may include the huge U.S. Steel plant north of the tollway (I-90) and on the lakeshore. Gateway Park on Gary's north side might also show the location.

Most reliable is the intersection of I-90 and U.S. 20. These run parallel for several miles into Gary but where I-90 turns south (ever so slightly) into U.S. 20 is the most reliable. It also is near the commuter rail lines that run south of the tollway and north of Hwy 20.

What landmarks should I look for?

Photo of tollway exit sign
This is your exit...
Exit 14 B - Broadway
Photo of Gary City Hall
Gary City Hall, One of the two domes just off the tollway
Photo of Genesis Center
Genesis Center
This is not the ballpark. It's on the west side of Broadway

Gary has a limited skyline, but there are two golden (bronze) domes near the tollway that are just blocks from the ballpark. If taking the Broadway exit you'll pass the Genesis Center which is home to the Gary Steelheads basketball team (but is west of Broadway and you'll want to go east to get to the ballpark).

What you should bring with you?

Photo of picnic area
Picnic Area installation (August 2002)

As with the other Chicago area stadiums, it will be warm during the season, especially August. Sunscreen would be a likely necessity. Unlike the nearby parks, it can be somewhat cool on a summer night if the wind is blowing off Lake Michigan. Though not as cold as Duluth, which is on the much colder Lake Superior, you may want to have a jacket in the car just in case.