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THE place to go before and after a game

Nighttime photo of Bennigan's entrance
Bennigan's entrance at night (2003)

Right field concourse and street entrance

Reservations: 219.880.0566

Even though Bennigan's may be part a "national chain," it is a great, natural fit for a ballpark. For those unfamiliar with them, they are "Irish American Grill & Taverns." It is a family friendly place with something for every palate.

The "grill" includes a complete menu of appetizers, food and desserts. The selection of soup, salads and sandwiches are matched with entrees like steak, ribs, pasta and seafood. All are excellent quality and cooked to order. The selection, though not as fancy or exotic as Hu's on First in Winnipeg, is varied enough and matches the atmosphere of a ballpark very well.

Photo of fans after game at Bennigan's
Jackals/Saints fans enjoying a post game party

The "tavern" aspect is one of the best aspects on a hot day. It has a full bar and a fantastic selection of draft and bottled beers. Since it's an "Irish" pub, Guinness and several other beers are on tap. The refrigerator behind the bar is stocked with many other choices.

Bennigan's at the Ballpark

Photo of field view in restaurant
Stadium view from main dining area (2003)

Though there are few other options in downtown Gary for food and no tailgating, Bennigan's fills this void quite well both before and after a game. Coupled with the ability to park in their portion of the lot --as a paying customer-- it is a "must stop" place at the Steel Yard. As mentioned the food is very good and the beverage selection is better than any other ballpark -- or ballpark restaurant/club in the league.

Besides the selections are the little extras that make the most of it's location.

Stadium View (Inside)

The location, as with other ballpark restaurants includes windows on the ballpark.

Photo of field entrance from restaurant
Trumpet Guy in "To Baseball Stadium" door

To Baseball Stadium
(Gate Entrance)

Unlike other league ballparks with skybox level restaurants, Bennigan's is on street level. That means it's also at concourse level. The design takes full advantage of this with a "To Baseball Stadium" exit/entrance that leads directly from the restaurant to the ballpark concourse. This is a full service entrance complete with turnstile and giveaways (if any). Best still, it save a potentially long walk to the main (or other) entrances.

Photo of Bennigan's patio
(Then New) Bennigan's Patio in right field


During most of the inaugural home season Bennigan's was mainly an "indoor" restaurant. This will change as the patio area behind the right field terrace (sections 119 & 120) is put to more use. It is likely that this area will require special tickets, but also makes it likely that a home run ball may land at your table.