Gary SouthShore RailCats


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Photo of field
Silver Cross Field Field (2002)
Photo of third base line
Third Base line (2003)

Field Details

Field Dimensions
Left Left
Center Right
320 380 400 390 335

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • RailCats dugout is on the third base side
  • Visitors dugout is on the first base
  • Bullpens are in field of play

Fence Heights

  • Left and Center Field wall is 16' high and open to SRO crowd
  • Right center field (berm) wall 12' high
  • Right field is 10' high
Photo of first base line
First base line (2003)

Webmaster's game assessment

Field orientation is the usual northeast direction (home plate to pitcher's mound). Because the field is well below ground level, the relatively low height of the skyboxes is less of a factor though the sun will shine into right fielder's eyes at sunset.

More than other ballparks in the league, the Steel Yard's outfield is mainly wall, not fence. The area already having an effect is the left field wall which where fans can easily lean over and try catching balls in play. Since the outfield (SRO) concourse continues around the entire left field, from foul territory to the scoreboard and batter's eye, a full house will likely lead to additional officiating to determine interference calls.