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Programs: $2.00

Saltdogs program
The Cats Team Store souvenir shop behind home plate (with ATM)
Saltdogs program

The Fort Worth Cats have an excellent, full-color program. It includes a roster sheets, stats & standings and, of course, a scorecard to score the game.

There are several places where you can buy these including a souvenir stand on the main concourse behind home plate. This is also where you can find an ATM if you need some extra cash.


Photo of Burger, Beer & Fries
A (simple) Kincaid burger, fries and Shiner to score a Cats game

Nice variety with local flavor

There are multiple food stands around the ballpark with a good variety of food options to satisfy a wider group of people. Walking around the ballpark is worth the effort to check out which options are the most interest to you.

Photo of chili dog
Bobby's Fajitas for fajitas & burritos

If you're looking for standard ballpark fare there are several stands serving this. The largest is in the right field corner at ground level. Others are along the main concourse in the grandstand. Thes options include a variety of "dogs" including bratwurst, chili, jalepeno, regular and the special "Dodger Dog."

Photo of Kincaids
Kincaid's Hamburgers stand for an
excellent, organic half-pound burger

Looking for some Mexican food? Go to Bobby's Fajitas stand where you have more than fajitas to choose from. The menu includes beef or chicken fajitas, bean and meat burritos or nachos, and fajita nachos.

Photo of aguas frescas
Another agua fresca coming right up
...and lemonade's almost gone

Kincaid's Hamburgers

For a bit of popular local flavor go over to the third base plaza and try a big half pound burger of fresh organic ground beef from Kincaid's (Where Friends Meet to Eat Since 1946). Unless you tell them otherwise your burger will come with the works (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard). Only cheese or sliced jalepenos cost more. If 8 oz. is too much, they have "junior burgers" that are only a quarter pound. They also serve excellent french fries.

Photo of Ben & Jerry's stand
Worker taking break to sample
some of her product

Cold Refreshments

Given all the many warm, if not hot, nights you may want (need) something to cool you off. Most stands have bottled water, beer or soda. A little exploration will turn up some additional beer selections than the obvious "macrobrews" (Budweiser) such as a Shiner Bock.

For something colder there's a Ben & Jerry's ice cream stand (main grandstand behind home plate, 3rd base side). A more interesting option is the stand offering snoballs and aguas frescas. The sign saying they're just "fruit drinks" doesn't quite do them justice. These are refreshing drinks ladled out of large "plastic barrels" and in limited supply. When a flavor runs out (lemonade, melon or pineapple) there is no more --until the next game.


Photo of Hard Ball Cafe
One of the plaza area rest rooms
Photo of Hard Ball Cafe
Right field corner restrooms
Around the corner from concessions

Before the game:

Currently there are no places around the ballpark (such as restaurants or service stations) where you'll find a rest room. As with many ballparks you'll have to ask politely to use one in the stadium.

During the game

There are several restrooms around the stadium. Two are are located around the plaza areas. Another is in the right field corner --just around the corner from its concession stand.