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Photo of main parking
Main parking lot looking south toward Ft. Worth skyline

$5, 3 and plentiful

There is ample parking at LaGrave Park though it's only on the west side of the stadium and much of it is south of the ballpark.

Photo Main Parking Lot Sign
Main parking lot sign (6th St.)

Main Parking Lot

The closest parking in the main lot has a rate is higher but significantly more convenient to the main stadium entrance (which currently is in the middle of the first base concourse). The entrances to this lot are on 7th St. and off 6th. The lot has two sections. The north lot is a triangular section between the stadium and the river levee. The main section has 6 rows running the length of the ballpark.

Photo of north parking lot
North Parking lot as seen from main concourse

South Lot

The second lot, which is cheaper, is south of 6th St. and is actually the parking lot for juries at the Tarrant County Courthouse. This is much larger than the main lot. Those arriving late to a well attended game may find themselves walking well over a block to get back to 6th St. before getting into the ballpark itself.


Photo of parking lot
Signs welcoming you to LaGrave Field and the price
...and jury parking lot with time and restrictions


I saw no sign of tailgating on my first visit to LaGrave Field in 2007. If there is any, there's no support for it in the way of trash bins or portapotties for fans. Given that the secondary (cheaper) parking is a park 'n' ride lot for the Tarrant County Jury Courthouse shuttle bus just underscore the restrictions one faces partying there.