Ft. Worth Cats


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Photo of playing field
LaGrave Field (June 2007)

Field Details

Photo center field fence
View from Knothole Section in right field
Field Dimensions
Left Center Right
325 400 335

Dugouts & Bullpens

  • Cats are on the first base side,
    opponents on third base
  • Team dugouts are recessed concrete "bunkers" mostly below ground level behind home plate
  • Dugout suites are original dugouts immediately next to team dugouts
  • Both bullpens are in play on each side of field
  • Foul territory remains even from fence but loses space at bullpens
  • Clubhouses are on first base side of field

Fences & Field

  • Fences height varies: 10' in left, 15' center field (batter's eye), 5' right field
  • Outfield fence is straight/flat with no curves
  • Foul territory starts deep around the plate and narrows most of way to outfield fence

Webmaster's game assessment

Photo of home bullpen
First Base line and home team bullpen

LaGrave for baseball is fairly standard with no major surprises. The field is oriented to the east-southeast making left center field the "sun field" so no one outfielder is facing into the sun. There is the potetial for a "second sunset" (setting sun shining under canopy but above seating) but the gap is small and cannot last long thanks to the press box.

Photo of third base line
Third base line looking toward foul poul
and home clubhouse

The dimensions are not equal with 10 fewer feet down the third base line. The outfield fence, has five straight/flat sections. These start in left and right center. The section in center field is slightly angled so balls hitting that section kick slightly to left and not back towards home plate. It also helps the pitcher that the batter's eye is actually an extension the outfield fence.

The 2007 season was terrible for the field surface. Repeated heavy and flooding rains caused 14 games to be canceled or rescheduled (3 were relocated to El Paso with the Cats playing as the home team). Even when games were played the field was quite wet with standing water which lead to mold growth under the sod. All of this was corrected during the season with new drainage to prevent this problems in the future.

Photo of center field
View of center field from right field corner
(with standing water on warning track during 2007 season)
Photo of center field
View of grandstand from right center field (scoreboard area)