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Mascot: Dodger (the Cat's Cat) #9 (2002-)

Dodger the Cat card
Dodger's 2006 Card
Photo of be alert for foul balls
Dodger also reminds you to
be alert for foul balls

From the the 2006 program:

210 lb.
Fort Worth, Texas
Historic LaGrave Field
Career Highlights:
Dodger hase been the official mascot of the Fort Worth Cats for four exciting years. During that time he has lead entertained fans of all ages at LaGrave Field, and around the Fort Worth area. His hard work and dedication to the organization finally paid off when the Cats won the 2005 Central Baseball League championship. Dodger hopes that he and the team will continue their success, with another championship, and many more happy fans this year.

Obviously Dodger's hopes came true as the Cats won back-to-back American Association championships the next two years

Historic LaGrave Field

Welcome to LaGrave Field sign
Photo of LaGrave Field sign
Kids Zone
Cats Eyes
Foul Pole
Cats scoreboard
Cats railing
No Standing in front of dugouts sign
2006 Championship Banner
Happy Trails sign

Built on the "grave" of the original LaGrave Field

Photo of canopy
Nightime view of main grandstand

The modern LaGrave Field is built on the very site of the original LaGrave Field (1926- 1967). Built in 2002 it's similar in some ways but it's a brand new ballpark with improvements added all the time. Over the course the first several seasons several section such as the main offices, right corner concession stands and Knothole Gang Section. The history of the that ballpark has its own page in this guide.

Photo of from skyboxes
A summer night at LaGrave (2007)

Main Grandstand

Though it's not designed fully match the original ball, the differences are probably for the best. It's not as tall nor as packed with seating (that doesn't extend as high and to the back wall of the grandstand). The result is lighter and more open and accessible though it has fewer seats than its forebearer. The main concourse and canopy provide shade and remain airy to keep fans cool on the many hot humid nights in Fort Worth. And one modern feature missing from the grandstands are skyboxes, there are none (even the press box is barely higher than the main concourse).

Old Photo of knothole gang section
Photo of knothole gang section today
Compare the original to today's right field section

Knothole Gang Section

This section is one element that tries hard to match the original in looks. Compared to the original section it looks much the same. As with most of the trim around the main grandstand, there are the signature white painted trusses along the front. The only real differences are the style of the advertisements, location of light tower and size of the section (today's is smaller).

Photo of hitching post
Hitching post for riders to tie their horses to watch a Cats game
Left field foul pole & Knothole Gang Section in background

Come by car, bus, on foot, by plane or horse

LaGrave Field's location by the Trinity River flood control levees means there are some unique options to watch a game --for free. First there's a wide flat area which is large enough for a small plane to land. To that end the Cats have a wind sock along the edge of the center field fence.

Next, and more practical, is a hitching post beyond the left field fence. This may seem at the outset to be an unlikely thing to use. But one of the activities along the levels is horse riding and seeing riders is not uncommon. Having a hitching post just allows an easier stop for Cats fans.


Photo of players eating after game
Players sitting down for a meal after last game of the series

Amazing Supportive Fans

Photo of blue haired fan
Blue hair fans raising money

All baseball clubs have some serious fans who support their team. Many ballclubs have a formal fan club. Many of those clubs are full of fans who like to be close and get to know the players. Some raise money every time a home player hits a home run. Some include fans who'll go the extra miles to follow the club to the league championship -even if it's nearly a thousand miles away. A few may have a special meal every now. But few, if any, do all of the above and more.

Photo of drink options
Player's choice of water, tea and sweat tea to wash down their meal

Fort Worth Cats fans make a point of putting together a full post-game for both clubs at the end of every series. And these are just batch of hot dogs or burgers, they're a big potluck dinner with a variety of soft drinks, barbeque and desert. As a result it's not surprising to see 60-70 people sitting down for late night meal thanks to these amazing fans.

These fans also put up a stand on the main concourse where you can support the Cats by painting your hair blue, or maybe your beard and moustache green. And, of course, the proceeds go to cover the expense of the post-game dinners.

And then there's the hospitality. Cats fans are some of the friendliest and welcoming you're likely to find anywhere. Their love of baseball and the Cats is second to none.