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Mascots: Hawkeye & Ole



According to '96 program

Not Often
6' 0"
165 lbs.
(Original) Hatch Date:
March 15, 1996, Madison Hotel, Moorhead MN
High above Fargo-Moorhead
Favorite Things:
Kids of all ages, baseball, special events, tailwinds, field mice
Favorite Band:
Favorite Song:
"Chicken Dance"
Favorite Food:
Chicken Wings
Favorite Movie:
The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock)
Favorite TV Character:
Big Bird (Sesame Street)
Favorite Baseball Player:
Andre "the Hawk" Dawson
Other info:
Native of the Red River valley... sleeps by day, nights near the sound of "wood bats hitting balls"... Distant cousin of the "Famous Chicken"

Hawkeye is one of the more energetic mascots in the league. He often gets the crowd going either with cheers or throwing "goodies" to the fans.

Ole (1996-) & Sven (1998-2002)

Sven & Ole

Ole, as in "Ole & Lena," is a favorite target of Hawkeye's shenanigans. Ole is a juggler, assists in the game activities (aim for him with the "pickled eggs" instead of the target), and watches the game from a rocking chair next to the RedHawk dugout.

From 1998 through 2002 Ole's ol' buddy Sven started going to the park too.

Chuck E. Cheese ('97)

Chuck E. Cheese
Rare "Chuck E." sighting (1997)

For a brief time (in '97) you could even find Chuck E. Cheese taking a break from his pizza parlor. But Chuck E. disappeared and probably won't be back.


Large and full of spirit

There is quite a lot of spirit in a Hawks crowd. They quickly took their team to heart and have longstanding favorite cheers (like yelling "Knott" to complete Johnny Knott's PA introduction each game).