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$3 and plentiful

Photo of VIP parking
Terraces complete with palm trees in VIP Diamond Lot

To support the larger crowd specifications of double-A affiliated ball the parking lots at Cohen can handle even the largest crowds. There are basically three separate lots, one for season ticket holders near the entrance and two for everybody else.

VIP Diamond Parking Lot Sign
VIP Diamond Lot Sign




VIP Diamond Parking Lot

As this sign says there's premium parking for "VIPs" at this ballpark. The VIP Diamond lot is for season ticket holders, media, staff, handicapped and possibly for those who may have "paid extra" for the privilege. Not only is this lot closer to the main entrance, it's also terraced with rows of palm trees separating each row of parking spaces.

Photo 3rd Base Parking Lot Sign
Sign directing you to
3rd Base Lot
Photo of first base walkway
Walkway to stadium from first base lot

First and Third Base Lots

The other two lots are on each side of the stadium (and VIP lot). The first lot most will see is on the west/first base side. It's the smaller than the other which, unless you loop the block onto to Kenworthy off Cohen. Both are large, flat and require a bit of a walk to get to the entrance. Both have a walkway connection to the plaza area in front of the stadium and main entrance.

As mentioned in the directions, and with the one way restrictions on Gateway Blvd. (preventing U-turns and with a long trip around the block), parking in the first base lot requires being prepared to make the first right turn. But with equally easy parking on the other side, follow the signs and drive half way around the block.


Photo of first base exit
Walkway from third base parking (complete with "Thank You for Coming" sign)


I saw no sign of tailgating on my first visit to Cohen Stadium in 2007. If there is any, there's no support for it in the way of trash bins or portapotties for fans.

Photo of parking lot
First Base parking lot